Animals in Kanha Kisli National Park

Kanha National Park Tiger

Kanha's most famous inhabitant is the tiger but it is also home to 43 species of mammals. It is the only place in the world where you can find the hard-ground barasingha (Cervus duvauceli branderi). The animals generally seen in Kanha are the chital, sambar, barasingha, barking deer, chousingha, gaur, langur, wild pig, jackal, sloth bear, wild dog, panther, tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).

Deer are very commonly seen, specially the chital. Antelopes of Kanha include the four-horned antelope or chowsinga. Primates include langurs which are common and Rhesus monkeys which are relatively rare in Kanha but may occasionally be seen in the forests.

Kanha National Park Deer
Kanha National Park Leopard

The main predators in Kanha include the tiger, leopard and dhole. A number of small predators like jungle cat, leopard cat and small Indian civet are found throughout Kanha. Striped hyena and jackal are the main scavengers.

A late afternoon visit to Bamhnidadar to see some of the animals is a must. Watching from here the changing hues of the verdant Banjar valley below, against the backdrop of a gradual, glorious sunset, is an enthralling experience indeed.