Reaching Kanha Kisli National Park

The best way to reach Kanha is by hiring a vehicle from Jabalpur (in Madhya Pradesh) or Nagpur (in Maharashtra). There are also regular buses from Jabalpur to Kisli via Mandla.

Vehicles can be hired for the entire trip along with a driver. It is difficult to get self-driven vehicles for hire.

If you are staying at one of the bigger resorts, they may, upon request, arrange for transport for you beforehand.

Distances - Kanha National Park

Jabalpur-Mandla-Chiraidongri-Baihar-Mukki Gate: 189 km
Nagpur-Gondia-Balaghat-Baihar-Mukki Gate: 245 km
Nagpur-Seoni-Balaghat-Baihar-Mukki Gate: 287 km
Raipur-Simga-Kawardha-Chilpi-Motinala-Garhi-Mukki Gate: 185 km
Raipur-Narmada-Salewara-Malajkhand-Mukki Gate: 185 km
Bilaspur-Pandaria-Chilpi-Motinala-Garhi-Mukki Gate: 185 km
Gondia-Balaghat-Baihar-Mukki Gate: 125 km
Rajnandgaon-Khairagarh-Malajkhand-Mukki Gate: 170 km