Location of Kanha

Kanha Tiger Reserve is nestled in the Maikal range which forms part of the central Indian highlands. The Tiger Reserve sprawls across the Mandla and Balaghat districts in Madhya Pradesh which lies in central India.

Geography Map of Kanha

Area of the park

Kanha Kisli National Park (core + buffer zone) :1949 sq km
Core Zone (National Park): 940 sq km
Buffer Zone :1009 sq km

Geographical Location

Longitude: 80 26'10"E to 81 4'40"
ELatitude:22 15"N to 22 27'45"N
Elevation:450 m to 900 m (above M.S.L)
Annual rainfall:1400 mm
Temperature: Summer: 11° C to 43° C
Winter: -2° C to 29° C

Geography Map of Kanha