Viewing Tips


Viewing Wildlife In Kanha

Gypsy safari at Kanha National Park

From vehicle

Drive slowly and with care. Driving in Kanha is different from driving in cities or on highways. A deer on the road or a tiger by the roadside, if undisturbed, provides more pleasure than the one that flees. Sighting wild animals in Kanha is exciting. All it needs is some patient effort. A word of advice - although they may sometimes appear tame, all animals in Kanha are wild. Getting close to them is not only prohibited, it is dangerous.

Use all your senses

There is much more to enjoy in Kanha than the sight of animals. The landscape here has so many tales to tell. Birdsong and humming insects communicate a lot. There are also signs of events that have occurred. Look closely, feel, listen and thus enhance your experience. And remember, your experience does not end with your visit here. Your return journey will be different. Every aspect of nature will wear a new look. Your eyes will be trained to see much more. Leave your footprints here and carry home a memorable experience.

Kanha National park
Elephant safari at Kanha National park

From elephant back

Elephant rides provide successful viewing of the tiger and other animals of Kanha. The ride, by itself, is also an exciting experience. Elephants go out every morning for tiger tracking from Kisli, Kanha and Mukki. An elephant accommodates up to four persons in the haudah (a sort of open palanquin atop the animal) besides the mahout, the elephant driver. The mahout is the most important person during the ride as he is your friend, philosopher and guide for the excursion.