Regulations and Permissions

  • - Tourism in the National Park is regulated under the Section 34(1) of the MP Wildlife (Protection) Rules, 1974.
  • - Visiting season is from 1 October to 30 June.
  • - Excursions are allowed in the morning and evening (timings vary with season).
  • - Carry sufficient drinking water.
  • - Only petrol cars and jeeps are allowed inside the Park. Privately operated Gypsys and Jeeps are available for hire at Khatia and Mukki.
  • - Keep sufficient fuel in the vehicle as supplies at the Kisli petrol pump are uncertain. Other petrol pumps near Kisli are : Mandla (70 km), Baihar (60 km) and Chilpi (80 km).
  • - Plan excursions for early mornings and evenings as wild animals are most likely to be seen then.
  • - Be at the entry points at least 30 minutes before the opening time to complete formalities.
  • - Authorised guides are compulsory on each excursion. Trained guides are available for hire at the entry points.
  • - Do take time to visit the Orientation Centre and get acquainted with the Reserve, its wildlife and the rules and ethics of eco tourism before setting out on excursions.
  • - Do not litter.
  • - For making documentary/tele film/cine film, please obtain prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden of Madhya Pradesh.
  • - Entry and movement of visitors can be regulated by the Field Director for administrative or management purposes.

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • - Walking on foot in the park- Driving off the roads or tracks
  • - Playing transistors or blowing vehicle horns
  • - Smoking or lighting fires
  • - Littering
  • - Night driving

Please remember, Kanha is a protected home for wildlife. Wild animals have the right of way in Kanha.

The Kanha National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are governed by the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, and their rules. Violators will be dealt with accordingly.